Read our Testimonials from some of the people who have bought lodges on our beautiful quiet park in North Yorkshire.

We came upon Bulmer Farm one Sunday afternoon after seeing the sign on Pickering Road on our way home from Whitby with our dog Kessie.  We turned onto Eden Road which leads to the site and immediately loved the location.  On meeting John and Barbara Cuthbertson, we were shown around the site which at the time was just mud and bases ready for the lodges.  We then looked at the plans and was immediately impressed with the layout of the lodges and the planting that was to take place around the park.   

A few days later we made the decision to put a deposit down with a view to owning our holiday lodge.  This just felt the right thing to do.  Even in the raw state we saw Bulmer Farm for what it was, a beautiful location, peaceful with masses of wildlife.  Who needs television when your garden is full of hares, rabbits, pheasants, deer, moor hens and many many different birds!  

Four years on we are still as happy as the day we bought our lodge.  The peace is second to none; the flora and fauna beautiful.  John and Barbara are very accommodating with everything and must be very proud of their project.

I would like to finish with a quote from Andy’s mum (a very spiritual and wise old lady).  

          “As life goes on from childhood to youth, from youth to adult, 
          then we start to build for ourselves a better living in eternity”.

That is what we feel we have achieved here at Bulmer Farm Lodges.  

Janet Metcalf & Andy Toon


We accidentally stumbled upon Bulmer Farm Lodges when we came to view the adjacent farmhouse which was available to rent. We loved the area so much, not only did we immediately rent the farmhouse for 6 months, we also bought a holiday lodge. We were initially attracted to the location for its peace and quiet, not to mention the beautiful surroundings. We had never even considered the possibility of investing in such a property, so it was a steep learning curve as to how it all works. John and Barbara, the park owners, guided us through every stage of the process.

There are numerous lodge manufacturers and the difficult choice was deciding which one would be best for our requirements. Most manufacturers have set designs, but we wanted to have as much input into the design stage as possible and so we chose a supplier who was able to tailor make a bespoke lodge, giving us total control over not just the layout, but every detail down to the colour of the light switches.

What we love most about Bulmer Farm Lodges is the tranquillity, beautiful location, the wildlife and of course, our lovely lodge.

Paul & Caroline Carrington


We are from the York area originally and after many years working in the oil industry in Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Russia and Azerbaijan, we decided we needed a holiday home from home back in our old stamping ground.

We came upon Bulmer Farm Lodges after trawling a lot of other Lodge sites in the York area and were immediately taken by the location, the easy going nature of the owners John and Barbara and also the wide choice of lodges available from of the shelf to bespoke. The site is peaceful and teeming with wildlife from rare Butterflies to Hares, Roe Deer, Swans on the nearby Costa Beck, Rabbits, Pheasants the list is endless. The area around the lodges has been extensively planted with flowering trees and shrubs adding to the overall natural feel.

The site, due to its location, is very secure and we have no worries about leaving our lodge in the care of the site owners while we are at home in Scotland.

Due to us living in Scotland, we chose a high spec off-the-shelf lodge and left the lodge manufacturer to get on and build it, our only input being choice of décor and furnishings prior to the build. We have only had one or two teething problems which, with the expert help of John and Barbara, were soon sorted out. We have subsequently added a few touches of our own to make it our home.

If it's peace and tranquillity in beautiful and natural surroundings away from the hassle and stress of life, this is the place to be.

Tony & Jean Worth


My wife and I had often thought about purchasing a holiday lodge and had visited several parks. They were all laid out like small villages and we were not in the least impressed.

Then we came across Bulmer Farm Lodges and it was different. There were lots of trees and open spaces. This time we were very impressed. The park was in the early stages of development and we spoke to some of the owners and they were very happy with their purchases. We then spoke to John and Barbara, the park owners who informed us that David Bellamy, the botanist, was involved in the development of the site and that it was designed to attract wildlife. We put down a deposit on a plot in Phase Two and started to look around for a suitable lodge. Lodges of Distinction at Seaton Ross near York offered to build us a 45'x 22' bespoke lodge and even invited us to visit them weekly to see progress and discuss final details. The lodge was built in record time and arrived on site on two large trailers. A very exciting day. In a few days it was ready for occupation. An even more exciting day!


Now, four years on, we look from our lounge window and see a family of moorhens around the pond watched by a kingfisher and this morning we were privileged to see a pair of visiting herons. A badger 'run' passes the lodge and often triggers the security lights at night. Families of hares are also regular visitors. Twenty different species of bird visit our bird feeding station. There are wild flowers and masses of blossoming trees. It's a tranquil wonderland. 


Highly recommended

Ray & Jean House