Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday lodge ownership is an investment in your family’s leisure time. Here are some facts to help you make the right decision, and hopefully choose Bulmer Farm Lodges as your holiday location.

What am I buying when I purchase a lodge?

You are buying the lodge, complete with decking and skirting, on a freehold basis which means it remains your property. You are then leasing the pitch on which it stands for a period of up to 99 years and our Licence Agreement fully details our industry standard terms and conditions.

Can I live permanently in my lodge?

You may only use your lodge as a holiday home and you must have a permanent address elsewhere in the UK, or Europe, where you will be registered. You can have your post delivered to the site. Unlike many parks, Bulmer Farm Lodges has an all year round licence and there are no restrictions on the length of your stay. This means that you may use your holiday lodge whenever you like. 

What other costs are there?

There is a yearly pitch fee which covers park overheads, grass cutting, maintenance and water etc.  Both gas and electric are charged at cost price and your usage is on a meter. The gas is bought in bulk and piped to the lodges.

Will I have to pay Council Tax?

No, a holiday lodge is a second home and does not qualify for Council Tax.

Can I let out my lodge?

To provide a peaceful and relaxing environment where everyone can vouch for their guests, Bulmer Farm Park has a policy not to permit sub-letting on Phase 1 of the park. However, we are delighted to announce our Buy To Let scheme on Phase 2 of the park. Of course the holiday lodge can be used by your family and friends at any time on both areas.

Can I get a mortgage on a holiday lodge?

Mortgages are not usually available for this type of building. Finance may be available from finance brokers but at present Bulmer Farm Lodges do not directly offer a finance option.

Can I sell my lodge?

You may sell your lodge at any time subject to the Licence Agreement. The new owner will be given a new Licence Agreement for the balance of years left on your existing Licence Agreement.

Can I leave my holiday lodge in my will or gift it?

Yes and the new owner will be given a new Licence Agreement for the balance of years outstanding on your existing Licence Agreement with all the same benefits.

I have heard that holiday lodges are depreciating assets, is this true?

With a 99 year Licence Agreement the holiday lodge can remain on the pitch for many years. In reality the manufacturing cost of holiday lodges increases annually and so new holiday lodges sited in future years will cost more. Potentially, if you keep your holiday lodge for many years then the re-sale value could be more than the purchase value. Don’t forget though, even freehold bricks and mortar has fallen in value in recent times.

What insurance cover do I need?

Your holiday lodge (and its contents) must be appropriately insured at all times. Bulmer Farm Lodges can introduce you to a broker who will provide a competitive quotation. If you arrange your own insurance then we will want to check it to ensure that all liabilities are covered.

How much does a holiday lodge cost?

Fully sited, prices start from just £99,000 for a single unit and only £125,000 for a double unit. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, you can have your lodge custom made to your exact specification.